• I wanted to write a short post to say thanks. There are so many things I am thankful for that it would be a pretty long and tedious post if I listed them all. Of course,  you - my weaving community - are high on the list, but I wanted to get a little more specific and give thanks for the color red. Red is a gift in all its incarnations from palest pink to deep chocolate brown. We couldn't have orange or purple without red. Red lets us be delicate

  • Hello Friends, I hope you all are enduring in health and relative sanity. For me, weaving has been been wonderfully helpful in finding a rhythm and meaning when all familiar patterns and paths have been disrupted.  That said, my sister and I were commiserating about how stress levels manifest in the strangest ways these days, and I told her about a recent incident in my household that (comically) illustrates this phenomenon. I had been asked to submit a rigid heddle project or two for Long Thread Media's Little Looms Holiday Edition, and with

  • Hi Friends, I sincerely hope you are safe & sane, coping & acclimatizing. My weaving life has dramatically changed since all my classes were cancelled through spring 2021. I have been trying to sort my priorities during this period of uncertainty. One of the things that I regrettably dropped when my teaching schedule was so full was my blog. I missed talking about weaving and spending time trying to commune/communicate beyond posting images on IG. [caption id="attachment_10328" align="alignnone" width="2560"] I only weave backwards sometime.[/caption] So, "back to the blog" is part 1 of

  • Hello Long Neglected Weaving Pals, I am re-entering the blogosphere after an extended absence with a guest post by Vishal Vivek co-founder of the Hemp foundation. Vishal has asked me to post a very interesting article he wrote about hemp yarn for hand weavers. I am happy to have him, so please take a look: A Primer on the Current Experiments in Handweaving with Hemp There was a time when all hemp fabrics were handwoven. It cannot be any other way since hemp fabrics precede power looms by thousands of years. Hemp is

  • Hello Friends, Remember the days when you would be invited to a friend's house for a dinner party, gladly accept the invitation, and then have to "sing for your supper" by viewing their vacation slides?  Well, I'm sorry to say that there is no supper, but (lucky you) with the click of a mouse you can escape. So, I have been fortunate enough to have gone on an inspiring trip this summer, and wanted to share some highlights, but understand completely if you have something else you need to do with your

  • I have been neglecting my blog again under a big cloud of sadness. After a crazy scramble, I got into San Antonio late Monday, April 16 and my dear, beautiful, talented and kind Papa died the following day. I miss him more everyday. As spring creeps in around here - I keep wanting to show him some tiny, beautiful spring bloom that he would appreciate with me. Papa with his stylish 1940s mama. young artist at work artist at play self portrait Me waking my sleepy dad up with a kiss Papa holding my sister next to

  • I have been happily working in my studio for the last couple months, weaving for various projects while teaching Beginning Weaving to a great bunch of soon-to-be-fanatics. The parameters of the projects have pushed me into using some fibers and structures that I haven't often worked with - exciting! and rife with pitfalls, errors and do-overs.  One project was successful in structure /yarn combo, but wrong for the color story and had to be rewoven using a different palette. One was a familiar structure but a new singles knitting yarn that

  • After an unexpected and thorough derailment for most of January, I got back in the studio to start on a couple of deadlined projects.  I was happy with my progress until I went in the house for some coffee and noticed the blanket on the big Harrisville which was starting to look pretty dusty. and the huge pile "ready for hemming" next to the rigid heddle loom with 1/3 of a project complete. This was next to the spinning wheel with "almost complete" scarf yardage. Which happened to be around the corner from my inkle

  • I was comfort watching old episodes of Nigella Lawson's Christmas Cooking Specials thinking that I might be inspired to get into my old holiday baking, wrapping, decorating frenzy (. . . or maybe just watch Nigella do it and weave instead . . .) and she said something that caught my ear. She said that according to the Russian formalists, the purpose of art was to make "stone stonier", and she was (amusingly) applying that principle to toasting nuts, i.e. the purpose of toasting nuts is "to make nuts nuttier".

  • I recently participated in the Working Weavers Studio Trail.  I was surprised and pleased that we had a very busy weekend with a non-stop stream of visitors.  The majority, I believe were fellow weavers.  I really enjoyed the opportunity to set up a display of my work and "talk shop" with weavers from near and far.  One conversation I had, however,  was a little disconcerting. I quickly forgot, having to prep for a class I was scheduled to teach in Canada (side note: fabulous, fabulous Huronia Weavers Guild!).  The conversation

  • Apologia Hello fellow weavers. Needless to say I have been a negligent blogger.  I used to tell my kids that apologizing for doing something without the intention of changing one's behavior is not really an apology. So starting every belated blog post with an apology seems somehow creepy.  I have a choice: stop being a negligent blogger or stop apologizing  . . . but it makes me realize what may have been going on with my kids . . . meaning I intend to be a responsible blogger every time I apologize,

  • "I Have a Beaver Problem . . ." This was the statement that my husband made to the very suspicious dispatcher at our local animal control center as I was unhelpfully and immaturely giggling helplessly in the background. But we did!  We have a very old 3 story barn that is built into the side of our road.  There is an odd sub-basement in part of the barn that we think was used as a kind of manure catchment area. It is composed of 5 foot-high concrete walls, and the odd

  • I had a lot of time to think on my drive to and from Memphis recently (over 40 hours on the road by myself - I knew I had gone a little loopy when I heard this sentence from my audiobook, "she felt as frail as a week-old baby" as "she felt as frail as a weak, old baby" and couldn't stop giggling for half a state), and one of the things that was rolling around in my untethered mind was how weavers are so camouflaged. I have been teaching quite a

  • My husband has (once again) supplied me with my blog title. . .   I have received some recent input from a couple of young relatives in the realm of my social media presence (such as it is) to the effect that my site is old fashioned, no one blogs anymore (good news since my posts have been so spotty:) and I have to be on instagram.   I have been thinking about updating my site , but I need to carve out some (a lot) of time to really think

  • How did it get so late so soon? Its night before its afternoon. December is here before its June. My goodness how the time has flewn. How did it get so late so soon? Dr. Seuss My husband and I often have chats about time, and how the nature of it sees to change so dramatically as one ages.  The holidays bring on a "What? I just took the tree down. How can it be time to put another one up?"  This sense of the compression of time has been exacerbated this year

  • “I am seeking. I am striving. I am in it with all my heart.” Vincent van Gogh In an (recently) unprecedented period of calm, I have been able to get 5 of my looms warped, and a couple of blankets woven.  One of the warps is a stash busting experiment with 8-shaft double weave using a very fine silk noil, and a very fat brushed alpaca, one of the warps is a 18-shaft deflected doubleweave, one is a 4-shaft, mohair throw in plain weave, and one is a transparency on the rigid-heddle

  • I recently returned from teaching at the John C Campbell Folk School in North Carolina, and nothing could be finer then to be in Carolina at the folk school! The Folk School offers instructors a class as part of the compensation package. You can use it for yourself or offer it to a friend or family member as you choose.  I asked my mom if she would like to take a class, and she and my dad flew up from Texas to visit family on the east coast, and then she

  • Since my last post I have been busy, but who hasn't?  I am tired of busy!  "Busy" can contain, engagement, curiosity, creativity, fellowship, community as well as worry, toil, and grind, but we always seem to condense it into "busy".  I read recently that responding with "busy" when asked how one is is defensive and pushes people away.  I think that that is true to some extent, but it also prevents us from moment to moment pleasure.  By thinking of ourselves as perpetually busy, we have already said no to

  • Darwin didn't walk around the Galapagos and come up with the theory of evolution. He was exploring, collecting, making observations. It wasn't until he got back and went through the samples that he noticed the differences among them and put them in context. Craig Venter Okay, sampling in weaving might not be quite in the same realm as the "sampling" process that lead Darwin to come up with the theory of evolution, but Venter's point is that new ideas rarely appear like light bulbs.  New ideas are often, counterintuitively, results of collecting the


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