Metaweave Towels A plain weave graphic in summer & winter weave SILK NOIL PLACEMATS Sturdy, modern and perfect for playing with blocks at the loom. INDIGO LINEN TOWELS Woven using fine singles linen in a classic plain weave design.

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  • Hi weavers - I am working on a new pattern for a series of swellegant pillow covers in twill, and serendipitously, while working on the "twillow" pattern, I have been reviewing Becky Ashenden's video series in which she recreates her excellent Basics class (a class she has been teaching at

  • If you are a hand weaver, and you have jumped into the river of winding, beaming, threading, sleying, tying on and tying up in order to swim to the shore of  cloth, then I cannot imagine that the notion of "metaweave" doesn't intrigue you. If something about the interlacement of

  • I have to confess that the inspiration for this post may be a little self serving, but I have been wrestling with the idea of errors lately. This is mostly due to the humiliating necessity of sending out corrections (often several) for patterns that I sell on Etsy. I sometimes

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