Defeated by Deflection • Transported by Tablets


So, above are the ingredients for making our looms.  Nice right?  2″ x 4″s and c-clamps – weaving doesn’t always involve piles of cash.

Our Leader

Here is our fearless leader Ute Bargmann (tablet weaver since she was a youth in Bavaria), who VOLUNTEERED to lead us into the tablet weaving world. Brave!

2x4s and chobani cups - cheap weaving!

Our Chobani yoghurt cups are poised for action – Ute gave them to us to capture our little yarn balls while we were warping.

Big Yarn

Ute shows us the difference between “S” and “Z” directions using very large yarn. Remember the giant shoelaces in preschool used to teach kids to tie their shoes – well, like that.

Mary Lou

We may have chatted a bit . . .

Barbara feeding us - as usual

We ate extremely well – thanks Barbara!

And we ended up with a great practice loom/warping board and a toe into the tablet weaving world – Thanks Ute!

!Tablet Loom

Don’t judge me – I am going to practice!

Practice Needed!

So that was my successful weaving experience this week. However, I continue to be pummeled and defeated by deflection.  As I mentioned in my previous post, I wove a deflected double weave pattern using fine wool that disappointed me once washed.  I re-dressed the loom with a variation using heavier cottolin hoping to keep the pattern more intact after washing. Doh!

Interlocked Unwashed  Samples washed and unwashed together Unwashed Close-up

Do you see those intriguing interlocked squares in the unwashed sample? They disappeared or turned into tilted rectangles/owl eyes once washed.  I like the pattern a little more, but I’m still not there. Back to the drafting board.