One Tough Ombre

Hey Strangers,

I am back home and have had two (moderately) uninterrupted days for hands-on fiber wrangling. Oh Joy!

Dog Massacre

(This is what I imagine the cat sees as the aftermath of his fantasy crime – dog massacre – because we left him and took the dogs with us on our vacation. In reality it is Doolie and Louie thoroughly enjoying the late-summer sunshine.)

I needed to prepare a warp for a workshop I am taking in September with Madelyn van der Hoogt through the New Hampshire Weavers’ Guild (believe me, I count my blessings every day).  I really didn’t want to buy any fiber because  . . .  the stash . . . oh my lord! So, I decided to dye some 20/2 tussah silk I had.


I wanted an ombre-ed effect for one set of blocks to contrast with the outline yarn. I did all my figuring, measured precisely, looked and then started pouring dye all over the place willy nilly. There is something about me and a plan that just don’t mesh.  In any case, I got a dark to light in which there are some very subtle shifts in shade – so subtle THAT YOU CAN”T SEE THEM – they look like two kettle-dyed shades – sigh.

Oh well, I created a little outdoor winding station so as not to miss some of that late summer sunshine the dogs were enjoying and started winding my warp.


 Doolie helped.

Today I dressed the loom and did a couple of repeats to make sure everything was in order for the workshop.


Can you see the gradations at all?

Once that was done, I decided I was going to weave off the dimity dress fabric once and for all – and I did!  I was dismayed when I was unwinding the fabric from the cloth beam and I smelled a musty smell.  I think it was from the first yard or so which I wove (months ago!!) early in the summer when it rained non-stop for a couple of weeks. Thankfully, the odor seems to have disappeared with airing and washing.


Unwashed yardage

I wove the majority of it in a striped dimity, about a yard in honeycomb for accents and a 5″ stripe with glitz just in case.  It is drying now and too dark to get a good pic – it truly sucks light up.  I will take some pictures tomorrow. The texture is fantastic . . . now for the cutting and sewing