Praise the Fatman for His Grace

We are sad.

Even though many good things are perking for me and the fam, we just lost a core and beloved member.  Our big, senior tomcat called “Fatman” died on Tuesday morning.  We buried him near our sweet bulldog Choco, but are finding it hard not to be downcast by his absence.  I want to remember his grace in the face of torment-y little dogs, and a bit of a kook of a brother.  You can tell by his expression that he had a lot to put up with, but he did it with grace for sure. Fatman

He had had a heart murmur for a long time, and I am sure a diet would have been good for him.  But he ate with gusto, and we found it hard to deprive him – thus Fatman.

Fatman 2

I loved getting to relax vicariously through him.

Fatman 3

I loved how much he loved whatever I wove.Fatman4

And I loved that slightly misanthropic but tolerant mug.Fatman 5

We miss you Fatman!

8 thoughts on “Praise the Fatman for His Grace

  1. I’m sorry about your loss. We lost our own fat boy, Sparky a couple of years ago, and we still talk frequently and longingly about him. As my husband said, he was the Jackie Gleason of cats, full of body, but light on his feet. We were blessed with his smart, loving presence for 16 years. I love Fatman’s facial expression. He was obviously well loved.

  2. We have had many cats over the years. Some are definitely more with it than others. Lucky he was in your family such a long time. Long live the Fatman!

    • Thanks Susan – as Deb said, “cats and fiber (lovers) seem to go together. I wonder how my warp (cat hammock) tension will change now that I don’t have my 20lb tension tester helping me?

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