Long and Winding Warps

I just finished winding and mailing the warps for my NEWS class.  I had a ball designing and winding warps for other people to weave.  I think I have come to a point in my weaving life at which the actual weaving is somewhat anti-climactic.  I really love the idea/design part.  I find the winding and dressing meditative and pleasant, and I enjoy the first couple of inches of weaving because I get to see the idea become reality.  But weaving off the entire warp is a chore, and I often find myself thinking about the next project (or dinner, or laundry . . .) as I weave.



So, getting to design and wind 10 different warps without having to weave them off was fantastic:))

Olive:LimeI also need to sing the praises of weavers in general.  I don’t know if the weavers I know are particularly wonderful or if wonderfulness is a characteristic of the breed, but it is a great thing to share an obsession with such great people.  Lucky!!!


  • April 25, 2013

    Hi Elizabeth,
    Just got my black/gray warp and I am thrilled. It is really lovely and I am very excited. Great you have sent it so early. Just have to hurry up my son, who is weaving on the 8 harness I will bring, so that I can use it next.
    I love your color sense!


  • April 29, 2013

    Ohhh what lucky weavers to receive such a great package in the mail (and to be taking a class from you of course!)

      • April 30, 2013

        Awww thanks! I’ve had it for a month now and one project seems like ‘not very much’. Last night at a guild meeting I purchased some cottolin for a straight twill towel warp – pretty wild colours… brown, purple and green lol. I’m hoping that I’ll work out a few issues with this next project. And I’m tossing up whether to also warp back to front for the first time or save that for another project.

  • May 4, 2013


    The warps look great! Can’t wait to see what your students produce.

    The deadline is approaching to get entries juried into the NEWS shows, so I’ve been doing a lot of NEWS dreaming…

    My daughter was completely indifferent to my spinning and weaving. She was into art and fashion design, but not fabrics or fibers. Now through her 3rd year in fashion design, she is edging closer to textile print design and actually enjoys the little weave design she has done. Sometimes it takes a while to kick in.

      • May 13, 2013


        Missed your comment earlier. I’ll be there for the whole weekend and would love to sit down with you. You’re probably the one with more time constraints. The instructors at these events always look so busy…

  • May 5, 2013

    Marlene Toerien

    How I wish I lived near you, we think so alike about warps, judging shows etc.