Hanging by a Thread

I saw this poor lost bear hanging in a tree on a walk recently – and somehow it resonated . . .

I am working on a blanket/pillow set called Dots and Dashes.

Dot Dash 1

I used a combination of wool and an alpaca/modal yarn I bought years ago on Ebay when it (Ebay) was new and one could find all kinds of unusual, interesting deals from around the world. Modal is a type of rayon – one of the “natural/man-mades” often created from beech pulp.  I wound a 6 yard warp with the intention of weaving a blanket, 2 pillow fronts and 2 pillow backs on one warp.  I have been very pleased with the color departure from the super saturates that I have been using lately to these dusty colors.  The mixed warp has been challenging me with tension issues, but so far so good.

Dot Dash 2

I have also been working on a design essay for my Complex Weavers “Designing Fabrics” study group.  I think I am going to post my rough draft – with the hope of getting some input??


In “No Momentum News” the coop progress has been temporarily stymied by the busy lives of the group – I also think the reality of the time/financial commitment has given pause . . . hopefully we can take a deep breath and regain some movement as the snow melts and spring hopefulness returns.

In “Forward Momentum” news, the Deflected Doubleweave class I am teaching at NEWS this summer has filled!! Whew! and Yikes!  I better get to work . . .




  • March 13, 2013

    Kim in SB

    Hi Lisa!
    I love this!! Very interesting patterning and lovely ‘dusty’ colors! (Don’t get me wrong, I love your bright colors too – I’m a brighty myself!)
    Re: the coop news . . . we tried to do something similar here and ran into some of those issues as well. It’s hard to get everyone to commit their time, find a suitable spot that is affordable, etc. I hope you have better luck, it’s such a great idea. I still hold out hope some day for here as well . . .
    And congrats on your class!!! Wish I were on your side of the country, I would have signed up myself!

  • March 13, 2013


    Great Stuff – love the color combination and the lively pattern. I’d take your DDW class in a heartbeat, because I always love seeing what you do with it, but I’m in the Midwest, and don’t have enough shafts (yet) to attempt it.

    I hope your group can find a way to make the co-op work. I understand how big those obstacles must seem, though. The idea is so good, and has such heart, I’m pulling for it.

  • March 15, 2013


    Would you ever consider a class on weavolution for those of us in other parts of the country?

  • April 17, 2013

    Fabulous lecture/photos/display/conversation.
    overstimulating and hope to see you at NEWS

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