Hanging by a Thread

I saw this poor lost bear hanging in a tree on a walk recently – and somehow it resonated . . .

I am working on a blanket/pillow set called Dots and Dashes.

Dot Dash 1

I used a combination of wool and an alpaca/modal yarn I bought years ago on Ebay when it (Ebay) was new and one could find all kinds of unusual, interesting deals from around the world. Modal is a type of rayon – one of the “natural/man-mades” often created from beech pulp.  I wound a 6 yard warp with the intention of weaving a blanket, 2 pillow fronts and 2 pillow backs on one warp.  I have been very pleased with the color departure from the super saturates that I have been using lately to these dusty colors.  The mixed warp has been challenging me with tension issues, but so far so good.

Dot Dash 2

I have also been working on a design essay for my Complex Weavers “Designing Fabrics” study group.  I think I am going to post my rough draft – with the hope of getting some input??


In “No Momentum News” the coop progress has been temporarily stymied by the busy lives of the group – I also think the reality of the time/financial commitment has given pause . . . hopefully we can take a deep breath and regain some movement as the snow melts and spring hopefulness returns.

In “Forward Momentum” news, the Deflected Doubleweave class I am teaching at NEWS this summer has filled!! Whew! and Yikes!  I better get to work . . .




10 thoughts on “Hanging by a Thread

  1. Hi Lisa!
    I love this!! Very interesting patterning and lovely ‘dusty’ colors! (Don’t get me wrong, I love your bright colors too – I’m a brighty myself!)
    Re: the coop news . . . we tried to do something similar here and ran into some of those issues as well. It’s hard to get everyone to commit their time, find a suitable spot that is affordable, etc. I hope you have better luck, it’s such a great idea. I still hold out hope some day for here as well . . .
    And congrats on your class!!! Wish I were on your side of the country, I would have signed up myself!

    • Thanks Kim,
      I wish you could be in my class too we could have a ball roaming around Northampton!
      It is such a challenge to take a leap on something like the coop. It is funny because for me (one obsessed with weaving) it seems like it couldn’t possibly go wrong, but then the reality of the fact that everyone else might not be quite so willing to eat, drink and sleep textile – or in other words – that I might be a weirdo – sinks in and gives pause. However, knowing that there are fellow weirdos:)) out there with similar ideas is VERY ENCOURAGING and might be just what we need to make the leap!

  2. Great Stuff – love the color combination and the lively pattern. I’d take your DDW class in a heartbeat, because I always love seeing what you do with it, but I’m in the Midwest, and don’t have enough shafts (yet) to attempt it.

    I hope your group can find a way to make the co-op work. I understand how big those obstacles must seem, though. The idea is so good, and has such heart, I’m pulling for it.

    • Thanks Laurie –
      Upper midwest? I will teaching DDW in Michigan next year . . . and there are some cool 4-shaft possibilites . . . .:))) Thanks for the encouragement on the coop – it really matters at this point because we are at that “leap of faith” moment . . . if we just believe (and have some time, money and luck . . .) we can make it work.

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