Circus Punks

Family Circus 1

My last post was entitled “Learning to Look”  and I am TRYING!

I have been so enamored of this project.  Selvedge rollers

I solved a couple of technical problems.  I used a smooth strong bamboo threaded on the same shaft (different heddle) as the selvedge thread and wound it on these selvedge rollers.  The rollers came with the loom, but I have never used them until now.  They did wonders for the slightly wobbly selvedges that I have been getting using very soft wool and fly shuttles. I also changed the path of the woven cloth between the treadle cords and the spring mechanisms so that the little clip attaching the dobby box to the treadles didn’t (frustratingly) catch the fabric as it passed over.  All good, right? On the loom the design looked lively and interesting. I had enough yarn, my loom was my friend, everything worked well.  Last night I was so excited that I stayed up very late to full it in the tub so that I could enjoy, trim and finish it this morning. Then I tried to photograph it . . .

Boy, does that green vibrate – Keith Haring keeps coming to mind. You know, the artist from the 80’s with all the squiggly movement lines.  If “Vibration” had been my theme, I might be very pleased, but if there was a drawing of me it would be less happy Haring and more


Family Circus 4

Anyway, I spent the rest of the day twisting fringes while questioning everything.  Finally I was taken out of my snit by a GREAT performance by my youngest as Donalbain in Macbeth – a critical if small part:))


  • March 1, 2013


    I love what I see. Beautiful, saturated colors and dynamic, but not overly so, (in my humble opinion). T hey would add a lovely punch to any room they inhabited.

  • March 1, 2013

    Very striking and dynamic. Love them.

  • March 4, 2013

    I really like these – so there! The pattern is so interesting to look at and the colours are bold and totally different to most handwoven articles that I have seen and I think that is a good thing 😀