Using the Rit Dye for the Job

It has been eight days since my last “confession”.  Dear reader I have not once, but several times indulged in the use Rit Dye.  I had an array of projects that were well woven, but color fails.  I decided that I would do a couple of big over-dye vats to see if I could save the color rejects.  Because I had a mixed fiber bag of projects (some protein, some cellulose), and I wanted to dump a bunch of things into a single color dye vat, I used Rit.  I think of it as the “nothing left to lose” creative impulse. I had black, kelly green, purple and peach dyes (why those colors I have no idea . . .) I had pale blue, pink, white and yellow/orange items to dye.  I chose one purple dye bath for the pinks and blues and one kelly green dye bath for the yellows and whites. The results are presented above – judge for yourselves.

  • November 17, 2012

    Kim Canon

    Hi Lisa,
    How brave to dye… like the results! -Kim