The Witch Stocking blanket is finally done – seen above in the very murky witches-brew tub being fulled and then drying on the line – front and back. I wish I had put a border of the diamonds on each end of the throw, but other than that, I am content. I wove samples on each end of the warp and it really worked well to keep the fringes from getting too nasty during the fulling process. I walked on it for about 25 minutes in hot, soapy, water in the tub. You can see it in more detail on flickr.

In other news, I am gearing up for Convergence – samples mailed and received – handouts revised and printed – reservations checked – savings drained :(. So excited, so busy. I am writing a short piece on my favorite topic of “Ignorance is Bliss” for Weaving Today (if all goes well.) And I am being a very bad citizen in my Complex Weaver’s Study Group on designing fabric. It is not because I don’t think about it all the time, it is because I can’t quite figure out my own design process. It seems so organic. I think of something I want to make, or I see some yarns I want to use, or I read about a structure that interests me. I think I might have a baby design process – not fully formed, instinctive and emotional. I am a little concerned because it better grow up fast . . . no leisurely crawling, toddling, terrible twos, childhood daydreaming, teen angst and THEN maturity. I just don’t have time!