Loom Therapy

I am sitting in the airport waiting for my flight to Long Beach for Convergence, but I feel like my therapist has been on vacation for a month. I have been away from my loom for over a week working on my presentation, assembling travel documents, sorting out kids, pets, house, etc. in preparation for my departure and I am going crazy! I have three large naked looms, and I just managed to get a narrow warp (sample scarf) of handspun and linen in mock leno on my Schacht before I had to abandon my ship/lifeboat/therapist’s office/studio. You would think that I would be calm as I head for the motherlode at Convergence, but taking in and putting out are two very different modes. I love to learn about weaving, talk about weaving, see weaving, etc, but sitting at the loom and making cloth is the balm on my soul – I am bereft without it!

Okay, I admit that that sounds a little hyperbolic/hysterical, but I am a little hysterical when I am away from the calming rhythm of the loom. In the tiny interstices between packing, cleaning, organizing and wrangling I have been doing NYT crosswords on my phone. My husband noticed and said, “Boy, any grid in a storm!”