Full Day

I finished weaving the 16-shaft deflected double weave blanket that was an interpretation of a sample I saw on the Proweave site, woven by Dini Cameron. This is the 4th blanket I have woven using 16 shafts and a combination of 8/2 and 20/2 wool. I realized today that other than the color and threading/treadling variations, the main difference among them is that I have been slowly creeping up the differential shrinkage scale.

If you look closely at the red/brown and green/aqua you see almost no puckering. There is a little more in the lilac/grey and this last one is pucker central! I washed today’s in the washing machine on “gentle”. I washed the other three in the bathtub, but I was a little more aggressive with the lilac/grey. It seems that the 20/2 Laine Peignee from Brassard must be superwash or very long staple because it really doesn’t full much even in the washer. The 8/2 wool fringes were very hard to separate while the 20/2 combed right out.

I am going to tie-on another on this threading using more high-contrast colors and washing it a little more gently to see if I like it better. The super-textured throw is cozy, but the design lacks a little clarity . . . I think.