I just ironed and basted the hems of “Dotty” today before heading down to the New England Fiber Festival at the Big E Fairgrounds. Having been in the world of charcoal & black for the last few days it was wonderful to see my friend and color guru Gail Callahan a.k.a. The Kangaroo Dyer with her new color tool, The Color Grid. It is an ingenious tool that allows you to choose a single color (that you love and want to work with) and find a range of colors that will work well with it – as well as a “pop” color. You can use it whether you are designing a warp, a flower arrangement or painting a room. My husband and I love to sit and choose colors and see what the “pop” color is (okay, so maybe the roller-coaster ride of youthful adventure and hijinks is a thing of the past – but the Color Grid is fun not to mention really useful!)

About “Dotty” – it was tied on to the warp for Bees and Little Houses – so it is a pretty standard Summer & Winter threading. Both Bees and Little Houses used Jaggerspun Merino Silk (8/4) as the pattern weft, but I really like the all wool of Dotty. The merino/silk is very drapey and luxurious, but the ends work themselves out no matter what I do. For Bees I actually unplied the ends so that I could layer the joins without a lump – still the ends worked their way out. For Little Houses I resorted to a dab of Fray Check to hold the joins. This seems to work but feels slightly rough. Has anyone heard of a solution to this? Anyway the wool on wool holds great and has a nice weight.