Linen Singles & Textile Letters & Nostalgia

I am working on the Dotty blanket and threading a loom for my crackle upholstery fabric, but I am contemplating the “linen singles” pillow tops. Fabric? Closures? Flanges? etc. These are all decisions that I need to make. . . but can’t seem to.
I have been under the spell of a nasty cold that won’t relent. The head cold in addition to the cold cold January-ish weather makes me a little low energy. I am also feeling somewhat beaten up by nostalgia. We did our usual Halloween frenzy – decorating, pumpkin carving and making (only one this year) my son’s crazy costume. I feel very tired of making costumes after 20 years while longing for and feeling nostalgic about our past Halloweens when all three kids were dressed up, trick or treating, carving pumpkins and annoying me with pleas for a candy free-for-all. What a strange feeling to want something to end while simultaneously mourning its end.
I think I might need to weave my way out of this funk. I wonder what combination of structure/fiber/product could be my serotonin re-uptake inhibitor?? Silk might need to be involved.