I feel like the brave little tailor. I have been working in the studio during the day, but after dinner I buckle down to hemming the, what now seem like, thousands of towels I have woven recently. I need to figure out if they take longer to weave or hem. I have a magnifying light and Netflix unlike the poor tailor, but I am stooped over my light for hours a night. Isn’t there a phrase, “tailor’s hump” or “tailor’s stoop”?

The alpaca stole turned out really well. It is extremely soft and thick – perfect for the cold soon to come. I am interested in the scale of this def dw. Most of the others I have woven were finer yarns or a mixture of fine and heavy. This was set at 12 epi for the entire warp, and makes a really bold design. I wound the warp in two sections for dyeing and then calculated the weft and make two separate skeins. I dyed them with Gail Callahan (Kangaroo Dyer) in a class she held at Cherscapes in Greenfield. I was trying for a chocolate brown, but got a very dark browny purple for the first warp section/weft skein. I then dipped the second warp section (and weft skein) in what remained of the dye bath and got the greyed-purple of the light section. The great thing about using one dye bath and multiple submersions is that the resulting skeins always look good together even if they are the same hue just different places on the value scale.