Clasping at Straws

I am working on some SLOW CLOTH. It is a warp of lovely combed wool from Brassard at 28 epi in a undulating twill-ish threading, but experimenting with clasped weft. I am clasping with 3 colors and attempting to follow the twill curves at the clasping points. Very slow going and harder than it looks to keep the line. As seen below

So in order to do a 3-color clasped weft, I have the center color on a shuttle and the two side colors on cones beside the loom with the threads looped over the castle.
• I insert the shuttle into the warp at the right edge of my central motif
• I push it through to the left selvedge
• catch the left color
• pull the left color to the left side of the central motif
• continue to push the shuttle to the right selvedge
• catch the right color
• bring the shuttle out at the right side of the central motif
• adjust the placement of the colors
• beat
• change shed

The weft is doubled across the entire warp in the clasped areas. I am experimenting with weaving in-between areas with a single thread for a balanced weave. More experimentation to come.

Sorry for the colors – I am really having trouble getting accurate colors with my camera lately??

  • December 26, 2013

    Thank you for these wonderfully clear instructions! Now I feel pretty confident trying some myself.