Vested Interest

We are having fun dressing my son for college. His little brother has been drawing great characters that we have printed on tee-shirts. I have now woven and sewn a vest and tie for him to go with his myriad scarves and vests that I have knitted for him in the past. I am planning a pair of linen pj bottoms . . . It is gratifying to make things for him because at 6’ 5” and 140, he is very hard to buy commercial clothes for and seems to look great in everything. Additionally, he has a very distinct personal style and loves to be able to specify how he wants a garment (then I try to execute – see previous post).

He hasn’t yet seen the vest – so I don’t know if I have hit the mark or not. Of course, if he doesn’t like it, it will still meet my Masters requirement (I hope) for honeycomb, and DH will have a nice warm wool vest. DH’s job for years has been to eat, wear or use anything rejected, discarded or passed down from the kids. The jacket in the photos belongs to my son, but is commercial. I used it to try to fit the vest (side seams still not closed) because my son is out of town and I needed a fitting. I have also photographed everything on my ladies’ dress form – I will post again once I can get my son to act as appropriate clothes form.