Honey – Honey

So the experimental honeycomb is washed and dried and ready to be sewn into a fabulous tailored vest ( hope). I really like the look and feel of this fabric – even if it is not a conventional honeycomb. It is very squishy and soft because of the deflection even though it is fairly tightly beaten wool.

Next I have to find a good vest pattern for my very picky “client” – son. “Mom, please don’t make me look like a folksinger or a re-enactor or a cowboy or Hugh Hefner or George Lucas” All admirable – well, maybe not all . . . but just not his style I guess.

I am also currently wrangling with setting up doup heddles on my little Norwood 4-shaft for a leno workshop at NEWS with Barbara Herbster. I used instructions by Syne Mitchell on Weavezine, but I must have erred in the length of the heddles ?? because I cant get a shed at all. If anyone has any experience or insight, I would love to hear about it.