NEWS news

Well NEWS is over, and with the exception of doing the final accounting, writing my report, finding new Guild Reps – I am done!!!! I am going to write a little about the high and low lights just to re cap.
Highlights were . . .
• getting to spend a lot of time with the Wild and Wonderful Women Weavers of New England
• having my guild members be so responsive and hard-working and can-do about all the NEWS-related work
• winning best blanket and the Berta Frey award for Best Use of Rosepath – YAY! (Of course, when I win something the judges are objective and clear-sighted, but when one of my pieces doesn’t win, the judges are sooo subjective and all is a matter of taste. This one is hard because Jabberwocky got 2 awards and Bee blanket and Raven pillow were thoroughly ignored. Are the judges objective and clear-sighted on one side of the room and subjective and fickle on the other??? Must be the case.)
• having my friends and guild mates win big – with only a twinge or two of envy
• Advanced Leno with Barbara Herbster – learned a lot, experimented a lot, got inspired a lot
• Lunch with Diversified Plain Weave Study group during which we gave Fran Curran a notebook with all our samples. She was really pleased.
Lowlights were:
• I’M SO TIRED – worked on about 4 hours a night for the duration of the conference.

So, the highlights outweigh the lowlights by FAR as you can see. On to NEWS 2013 which will mark my 50th year. I better get to a loom and do something memorable by then. Yikes.