Since recovering from jet lag and euro/dollar exchange-rate trauma (I think they should have a therapist available as you come through customs . . .) I have been trying to develop a couple of projects. My 9-year-old niece has been visiting, and my kids are out of school, so I have a lot of “help” in the studio – joyous, but somehow projects are a little slower coming off the loom.

In any case, the orange “scarf” is actually a sample for a 4-shaft deflected doubleweave blanket that I want to weave. I don’t like the confused look of the scarf – brushed mohair on one layer and mohair boucle on the other. I think the confusion will decrease when I weave it on a larger scale (hope), or I might replace the brushed mohair with a smooth but chunky wool.

The other is a honeycomb fabric that I am weaving for a vest for my son’s college wardrobe. I am using a 8/4 wool for the thick and a 24/2 wool as the thin and a honeycomb draft from the Strickler book. However, for some reason (innate contrariness? – a desire to weave fast with only one shuttle???) I decided to turn the draft thereby leaving myself with only 3 blocks instead of 4. I cut two samples off, neither of which read honeycomb – more seersucker-ish. So I changed the tie-up and added thick outline shots in the weft (so my one shuttle dream is out the window), and we will see today if I get some real 3-D honeycomb action.