First Wave or The Good, the Bad & the Ugly

I just finished packing up my first wave of submissions for the Master Weaver certificate program at Hill Institute. I have a few tips for anyone who wants to pursue this in the future (more tips once I know my rejection/acceptance count.)
• Tip one: listen to the tips from those that have gone before. I heard the following sage advice from many sources, “start early!”, “do the paperwork as you go!”, “keep it simple!”, “read the instructions carefully!” (I think the last one was emphasized by my third-grade teacher – let’s see – only 40 years to sink in.
• Tip Two: Weave with the absolute conviction that what you are weaving will be a Master’s project. Do not ever think, “Well, this will just be practice – I will weave it again perfectly.” Chances are – you won’t. Or maybe, I won’t!
• Tip three: Do the paperwork as you go. I haven’t woven one pick in 6 days. I have been in the studio everyday for the last six days just doing the paperwork. As I mentioned before, post-it notes with the number “36” do not clarify things six months later.
Anyway, I am girding my loins, delivering the astonishingly paltry results of the last years’ weaving and bracing myself for the feedback. Wish me luck!