Dress for Success

Many immodest looms are swan-ing naked around my studio and the Youth Weaving classroom. The good news is that a couple of projects have been removed. (see photos above – (right) a corrected twill on opposites in alpaca/silk and tencel – much softer and drape-y-er (left) is a defdw that I set up for the workshop students in bamboo and wool) The bad news is that many warps need to be wound, threaded, etc. I love the process of designing/winding/warping a new project. It is that lovely state of pure potential – ideas about to be realized. I am almost invariably disappointed after the first inch is woven – the dreamed of perfection of design, execution, color is never achieved. It is probably what makes me go back again and again, redesign, choose different fibers, different structures. So off to the warping reel.