What’s Looming?

I think there should be a mandatory Post Halloween Holiday for all. The insane scramble to sew on “the last few worms”, the way too much sugar and the too late trick or treating all combine to make for a very grouchy post Halloween bunch (adults not excepted).

Despite the Halloween hangover, I did get two interesting warps on looms today. One is a Twill as-drawn-in which I have designed as a broken point twill in tussah silk and baby alpaca. I have woven about 12 inches of a 72” scarf. I am torn about whether to press on or to cut off the little sample, wash it and see if I like the hand, drape and stability. I know the answer to this . . .

The other is Sock Collapse. I had a bunch of leftover yarn from the “Weave it With Sock Yarn Contest”, and I promised my speed-demon-youth-weaver child prodigy a collapse weave project on my 8-shaft loom if she finished the sock yarn scarf she designed. (Of course I was thinking, “she can’t possible weave a 72” scarf (set at 20 epi) in a 3-hour class.) She did it and did it beautifully. Jump for joy? Weep? Wind a collapse warp?