No Naked Looms

Okay – five out of six. They are dressed and ready for Youth Weaving and the Weavers’ Guild of Boston workshop and even my own personal use. I am weaving a 16-shaft double weave on the AVL and it is “being – haved” beautifully(behaving in family baby talk – can’t remember which baby?) I have a Bambu 12 deflected doubleweave scarf on my Schacht floor loom, a 4-shaft deflected doubleweave in 8/2 wool and 10/2 bamboo on the youth Norwood, an 8-shaft deflected doubleweave in wool and bamboo on the new baby and a cotton huck on the other youth Norwood. I am going to use some “experimental wefts” on the huck warp. I have been gathering fall grasses and thin bamboo skewers that I plan to dye. The youth weavers and I will have some fun.