The Weaving Gods are Smiling

Today the weaving gods were smiling down upon me. I went to Hill to inspect and set-up the looms for the Youth Weaving class that begins this Saturday. I had received a call from the “Bavarian Yankee” (her term) weaving goddess (my term – but everyone agrees) Uta Bargmann. I had attended Uta’s presentation on Dimity at Hill and spoken to her about my soon-to-be presentation on Deflected Doubleweave. Uta said that she had a notebook on “distorted threads” by another weaving goddess, Eunice Smith. She lent me the notebook – what a treasure trove! Then I got to Hill and spoke to Suzanne Pelto. ANOTHER WEAVING GODDESS who gave me some invaluable advice on my presentation and some much needed encouragement: “You’re good enough, you’re smart enough, and doggone it, people like you.” As if this weren’t enough, Chris Hammil offered to let me practice my presentation on the Wednesday class. This is a godsend – because if my husband has to watch the slideshow one more time . . . something might mysteriously happen to my computer.