Happy Happy Joy Joy

Today I am mourning my older son’s return to school while celebrating a new addition to our family. I am now the proud mother of three children and SIX looms. Just because a person owns 5 looms doesn’t mean that there isn’t an occasional dire need to acquire another – right? I picked up a new 8-shaft Schacht Baby Wolf loom from Barbara Hurley at Working Hands for FIber Arts today. It is beautiful, super beautiful – not the level of joy of bringing one’s new baby home from the birthing center, but in the same ball park: joy in every perfect detail, pride, a sense of infinite potential . . . I have woven on wonderful Baby Wolfs (Wolves?) at Hill Institute and one of my BFFFs (best fiber friends forever) Barbara Hurley just happens to be a Schacht dealer. . . Now Baby Wolf is in my studio ready to be dressed. My husband’s only comment other than, “I am glad you are so happy.” was “Have you seen the show Hoarders?”