One Down (maybe…)

I had been thinking about a master weaver project in embroidery weave, doing drawings, etc for a while. On Wed. I wound the warp and threaded the loom in order to be ready to weave on Thursday. Of course, Wednesday night we had a weird, fierce thunderstorm and woke up to no electricity, no school, no phone and NO LIGHTS in my studio. So I put on my battery-powered headlamp (dorky?) and squinted into my first Master Weaver project attempt. Later in the day, my neighbor came down with daughter and sheep in tow asking if they could fire up our generator so they could shear and clean the 4H sheep for the fair this weekend. Anyway, I managed to weave a couple of samples (really!) and the final project today. I am going to keep it as a possible Master Weaver project, but I’d like to do a set of placemats and napkins in the same theme (perhaps a little time consuming for one project, but . . .)