The blog entries are scarily far apart – scary because I think of them as a log of projects in process or finished . . .

On Friday after my Scary Coat, (the saga continues) tailoring session with Cheryl Rezendes, I attended the Hill open house for all the 2010 Master Weavers. This year there were an unprecedented 8 certificates awarded. There are usually one or two every year. The displays were very interesting – 34 projects for each of the 8 weavers that fulfilled particular Master Weaver requirements, but they were quite unique to the individual weavers. Each weaver seemed to have a style/palette that was apparent when all the pieces were seen together. Seeing it all was inspiring and somewhat daunting.

On Saturday the open house continued, and I (with my fellow Youth Weaving teacher Anita Thompson) set up several looms for visitors to use. We had kids as young as 5 weaving away using their tip toes to treadle – exhausting but very sweet.

In the studio, I am fighting with my AVL trying to finish the coat samples. The friend part of my “frienemy” relationship with this loom is very shaky. I mean, I got about an hour of weaving time from an hour of adjusting the freakin’ thing before it went back out of adjustment. I really don’t know what to do. I can’t afford the time or spend a couple thousand dollars to see if it will start working with a new dobby head. I know that it would probably work fine for someone with more mechanical knowledge and skill – sadly, that is not my forte or interest. I’m stymied.

On the Masters project front I completed a shawl (see above) for my Twill-tromp as writ requirement. Well, I designed an undulating twill shawl, spent a day winding and threading and about three days weaving it, but . . . the beat is inconsistent causing the border on one end to be about 1/8” wider then the border on the other end. I am going to move on with the idea that it is long enough to hem it – eliminating the borders, if I come to a time crunch. I think my next project will be my point twill – a blanket on 4 shafts using some 4/8 Zephyr from the stash. I think I have to accept that there will be an average of three tries for each acceptable project. I hear that whip crack.