I Want to Collapse

The yarn on the dress form is what I really want to experiment with for the next collapse project. I am trying to discipline myself and embrace my “scary coat” project (see inset) instead. The first step of the “scary coat” project is to pre-sew a commercial fabric into a coat that I ultimately want to make in hand-woven fabric. I am pre-sewing to see if – one: I have the sewing skills necessary for this coat pattern, two: the weight of the fabric is what I want to replicate, and three: the pattern is good for hand-woven fabric and flattering to me. After sewing the prototype I have to design and weave the actual coat fabric. I am already worried because the wool in my prototype fabric is very fine – perhaps 6000-7000 yards per pound which means I need to weave at least 6 yards of 60” wide 45 ppi fabric. Not impossible by any means, but something I have never done before. I want the final fabric to be a plaid, but my prototype fabric is striped so I am taking a baby step in matching stripes at seams before I have to face the daunting plaid.