More Windows

I worked on Leah’s Scarf today, and I think it is going to be GOOD. I am halfway through and wondering if I will have the grit to head out in the dark and finish it tonight??

I am also amazed at the draw-in on the loom. I started out with a color sequence/design in mind and then set it up it on the computer. I soon realized that to get my design I would have to make the scarf 10” wide – a little wider then I typically like. I went ahead with it in order to get my color sequence, etc. I am weaving along looking at the scarf where it comes across the breast beam and noticing that it looks like a good width?? Then I look at it coming through the reed and it measures 10” ?? So from the reed to the breast beam the scarf is drawing in 1.5 inches. Wow – I would think that the edge threads would suffer, but it seems that the draw-in is occurring after the fabric is woven and moving over the breast beam so there is no stress on the selvedges. Weird.



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