Windows seem to be a theme – maybe because it has been so cold that my only relationship with the outdoors is through my frosty windows. I am weaving Leah’s Scarf 1 in a double weave windows pattern (the above large photo is taken under the loom) with a little 3-D tweaking. I have seen a design recently (I can’t remember where) with some double weave shading that intrigued me. I am excited to get if off the loom so I can see the underside more clearly.

In other weaving news – I got an exciting phone call today with a request that I be on the scholarship board for Vav Stuga (the Swedish weaving school in Shelburne Falls, MA). (the weaving angel of Western MA Barbara Hurley is behind this as she is often behind many beneficences in our weaving community) I am looking forward to getting involved with this unbelievable resource right in my back yard. Sweet! (I wonder if people my age should use “sweet”, but I can’t bring myself to type “awesome” and “delightful” is a little tea-cuppy for me. Any suggestions?)