Cry Me A River

1 I may have mentioned (again and again) that I have been having some computer troubles lately.  Well, the good news is that my computer is fixed (new hard drive & logic board) and updated with the newest operating system. The BAD news is that I have the latest Maverick operating system so that my computer is now too high and mighty to talk to any of my lowly peripherals.  I have been struggling for hours everyday forcing my laptop to deign to acknowledge my printer, my loom, my phone, my projector, etc . . . AND the worst part is that I want to talk about the infuriating details of the whole ordeal, but it is absolutely too boring to talk about. Ask my poor husband!

. . . well some might say that my inability to whinge is not the worst news –  that my TOTAL DEPENDENCY might be worse . . .

Moving on – I have a nice blanket on the AVL (chugging along since I got “the crew” to work together) . . . Weaving can be such a solitary  pursuit . . . Anthropomorphize much? Anyone?