There is a “We” in Weave

Although weaving is often a solitary activity one of the great joys of weaving for me is other weavers.  I feel so fortunate to have a avocation (bordering on a vocation) that offers both the deep satisfaction of intense, solitary focus and the lively, spirited back and forth that is inevitable when you put a group of similarly obsessed people together.Weaving & Spinning Week1

We had a very small, impromptu get-together this morning at a local cafe to celebrate Weaving and Spinning Week.  In the small group we had an eclectic mix of a multi-multi-shaft weaver,  an “obsessive” spinner (who routinely carries a multitude of drop spindles in her purse), a weaver who “confessed” to her tablet addiction (and I am not talking pills), a former director of a Fiber Arts Center, a weaver who simultaneously mourned her daughter’s departure for college while perking up at the thought of more space for looms and on and on.Weaving & Spinning Week2

It was mighty chilly, but all hands were kept warm with a variety of fiber chores. Spinning, twisting, weaving . . . And of course there was no chance for jaws to get cold between the tasty treats and the endless subjects for discussion.Weaving & Spinning Week3

In “solitary” weaving news, I finished the 20/2 wool dimity warp and sewed a repeat of the Marcy Tilton skirt.  I wore it to the conclave, and it kept me nice and warm.Dimity Skirt1

As you can see, the stripes have a seersucker-y effect because the weft weaves one block every pick and the other block every other pick.  This also effects the color, allowing the light stripe to not be too darkened by the dark weft, and the dark stripe to be intensified by the dark weft. I really love dimity.

As usual, the sewing is a little cludgy, but I love it anyway.

Dimity Skirt2 Dimity Skirt3

The pockets are not lopsided – I am!

Beautiful hand-dyed silk scarf (sorry the pic isn’t bigger) by the Kangaroo Dyer. Thanks Gail.


7 thoughts on “There is a “We” in Weave

  1. Lovelovelove the skirt, both fabric and pattern. As a baby weaver can you tell me more about it. And the pattern? I can’t sew but know folks who can…and congrats on being aspinnerated!

  2. Thanks Nufflebutt (Is there another nom de plume I should use:),
    The fabric is woven using 24/2 superwash wool from Jaggerspun. I had it on hand or I wouldn’t have used a superwash for dimity. Usually you want some shrinkage in order to get the texture to be more prominent. In this case, it worked out nicely. If I had had more shrinkage I might not have had enough fabric!

    My wiser weaver pals tell me that dimity can be almost anything, but in this case it is a simple (but great) structure in which the weft weaves every pick of one set of stripes (or blocks) and every other pick of the other set of stripes (or blocks). It is really easy to draft on 4 shafts, but I drafted this on eight because I needed more heddles. It is not reverseable – very floaty on the back. Send me your email, and I can send you the WIF if you have weaving software or a pdf if you don’t. I tried to post the draft here but technology foiled me . . .

    The pattern is from March Tilton for Vogue – I don’t think it exists anymore, but you can google the designer Marcy Tilton and find the pattern. If you do decide to sew it – let me know because there are some weird sizing issues with the pattern. Thanks for the comment!!

  3. Hi Lisa,

    One of these days I”l rejoin the land of the living, esp., of the weavers. Busy with demands of getting my son into, and then off to, grad school, Scotland this past year, removed any time to participate in weaverly things so all the more reason to say “thank you” for your terrific web site. Its the next best thing to being there, and the graphics and discussions help me to stay in the mind set, eager to get back to planned projects. Anyway, kudos. Mikki

    • Hey Mikki,
      So glad to hear from you! Sounds like the things distracting you from weaving are pretty good! I am in the ninth ring of computer hell at the moment which is a distinctly “not good” distraction from weaving and studio life. My DH has generously lent me his for the moment so I can have a little blog time:)) I will try to cobble together a post about my recent journey into the exciting realm of “Backstrapping with Laverne.” A journey I highly recommend when you are fully returned to loom life:))

      Congrats on the launch into grad school – you are a good mom!

      Thanks for the comment,


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