The Raddler, the Waffler or Spore?

Yesterday I took a woods walk with the dogs and was astonished by the number and variety of fungi to behold.  Sorry, but I had my phone and I had to document.Fungus01 Fungus02 Fungus05 Fungus06 Fungus07 Fungus08 Fungus09 Fungus10 Fungus11  Fungus13 Fungus14  Fungus17 Fungus18 Fungus19  Fungus21 Fungus22 Fungus23


And here is one of dear Doolie in the forest primeval:Doolie1

In weaving news, I got my DH to take some pics of me wearing my hand-woven ensemble.  My first thought was – how do models do it? (other than being 38 years younger and generally gorgeous).  How do they make clothes look natural and good – not dorky and stiff.  My second thought after seeing the pictures was that a soft, black, cargo-y skirt – while being comfy and useful in my wardrobe – might not be the best choice for a pop garment.  I can hear Michael Kors on Project Runway say “farty!”


I got some very nice comments on the pics though. . . have you seen this Amy Shumer comedy routine about how women can’t take compliments (caution about bad language):

I put a long warp of 10/2 hemp on the loom yesterday with the intention of weaving two towels and then a collapse scarf.  The first towel is the waffle draft with the double weave hems (came to me from Alice Schlein via Ute Bargmann).


The second will be either a crepe weave (again a la Alice Schlein) or a basket or a combo twill/basket.  Then I will weave the collapse using a 40/2 linen weft and see how it comes out.  These are all on an 8-shaft straight draw threading.

The other studio news is that after almost twenty years, I dredged up the old pins and changed my 1″ spaced raddle to 1/2″ spaces. And I am going to attribute the absolute dreamy beaming of this warp to the new raddle spacing.




4 thoughts on “The Raddler, the Waffler or Spore?

  1. The skirt looks great on you 😀 Do you have more garments in the pipeline?

    I need to make a raddle – up to this point I’ve been warping front to back but would like to try back to front soon 😀 My weaving friends agree, 0.5″ spacing is good.

    I read the blog of a lovely sewist who takes really great photos of herself I never got the hang of it myself so I tend not to blog about my sewing lol

    • Hey Claire,
      Thanks and yes, hopefully. I am looking for patterns I like that inspire me – and thanks for the link btw. I have come across Carolyn in the past (from your blog maybe??) and find her so inspiring especially in the “find good patterns and then make them your own” category. I have quite a few of the Japanese pattern books, and love the style, but really need to learn how to drastically re-size a pattern for them to be useful to me:)) If you see anything send a link!

      Raddle wise – I learned to warp B2F and do it to this day – except on my AVL or if I need to wind separate warps for two fibers, etc – then I use F2B. I really like B2F – but I think most people are most comfortable with the method they learned first. Changing my raddle to 1/2″ segments is one of those weird things – why didn’t I do it years ago?? No clue. It seems so much better, and I rarely weave on that loom with such heavy yarns that 1″ increments make sense. Doh!

      In a non-weaving aside – do you the band They Might Be Giants? They just returned from touring and played in your (far away) neck of the woods. You didn’t see them did you?

  2. I will definitely let you know if I come across some explanations of how to best alter Japanese Patterns… because I need to know this too being on the uber busty side of things and generally all round bigger than most Japanese women lol

    I remember the band ‘They Might be Giants’ but I haven’t seen them. The last live band I went to see was Nick Cave’s group Grinderman – it was the day I found out I was pregnant with Ada and she is turning 2 this weekend. It was a very loud, raucous performance and I think that she must have absorbed some of it into her personality lol

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