Textile Induced Nostalgia

Merry Christmas Eve!  All the frenzy of preparation has died down, and we are getting to enjoy some relaxing home time.  The boys delivered our baked goods to the neighbors this morning, and we have received a great bounty in return. Fudge, cookies (some thrillingly R-rated) and candy have come flooding in for us to relish over the next few days. Merry Christmas to me and my belly!

In weaving news . . . I have assembled the pieces of the first wave of pillows. I wove fringe for some and inkle bands for some and a combination of both for one.  I really like how they turned out, and I look forward to refining the process as I move on to the other colorways.

My big son said that the furry throw with the pillows together reminded him of two things:

The first sent me shooting through time to my own childhood and then to his.


The elephants in the Babar book defeated the aggressor Rhinos by dressing their own large bottoms in wigs and eyes causing the Rhinos to run in terror.I remember being mesmerized by this drawing as a kid and apparently so was my son. The fringes and the large diamonds of the pillows somehow evoked the memory of this illustration for my son.

The second pillow-induced memory is a carnival punk. I had never heard of a carnival punk, but both my son and my husband have fond memories of these strange creatures (where was I??)

This photo above is from the blog of Jim Linderman http://dulltooldimbulb.blogspot.com/

What do you think? Evoke anything?

I see what he means in a way – carnival-y colors and fur . . . I hope it’s a compliment.

3 thoughts on “Textile Induced Nostalgia

    • Merry Christmas to you and your family Dianne! My daughter is way over there, escaping the cold, and getting engaged! So, I will be a Kiwi by marriage:)) (Is it okay for a non-kiwi to use the term Kiwi?) Anyway, I am delighted to have a soon-to-be family connection to the New Zealand world of textiles, spinning, weaving and wool that I have always admired.

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