Happy Valley

After poor-mouthing about my grumpy, middle-aged “dog’s life”, I sat and thought about what an incredibly fortunate “weaver’s life” I have. On Tuesday, I had a wonderful student come to the studio. She’s a true textile enthusiast. We took a quick field trip to Becky’s Vav Stuga http://www.vavstuga.com/  a Swedish Weaving School which happens to be six miles from me.  We reveled in the environment, every towel, napkin, table cloth and bedspread used at the school is beautiful and handwoven. The looms are Swedish looms dressed with gorgeous warps and the yarn . . . oh the yarn . . .

On Wednesday, I met another (wonderful) student and we carpooled to a hilarious morning of inkle warping with Gail Callahan, the Kangaroo Dyer. http://www.kangaroodyer.com/. Gail’s studio is in the basement of her big pink victorian house, and you can’t miss the fact that she is a dyer when you drive past her house and on the porch are skeins and skeins of heart-stopping color. After pulling ourselves away from the inkles, my student and I zoomed back to my studio where she continued working on her inkle warp while I dashed off to pick up my good friend and Master Weaver Ute Bargmann and a another friend who was a professional weaver, became a teacher and now wants to return to weaving (they both live in my tiny town – embarrassment of riches!!) We proceeded to an informal gathering of weavers at the Hill Institute in Florence, MA http://hillinstitute.com/index_c.cfm.  We have a fantastic group that meets once a month, discusses projects, yarn, looms, and squeezes the super weaving brains in the group for wonderful tips, tricks and techniques . . . and when you think it couldn’t get any better . . . We break into a smaller group and head to dinner at the home of the Fairy Godmother of New England Weavers, Barbara Hurley. There we sit under her Maximo Laura tapestry http://www.maximolaura.com/about.htm, drink wine and argue about what colors to use for our next projects, trying to avoid what Barbara calls the “little girl’s pink and purple underpants color choices . . . did I say we have some wine?

So, I realize even basking in a ray of sunlight, my dog’s “dog’s life” can’t match my incredibly fortunate “Weaver’s Life.”

Did anyone notice that I figured out how to add links??

10 thoughts on “Happy Valley

  1. I know! Only six miles away and I have only woven there once. I have been there many times oogling their yarn wall though. Thanks for the comment , , , only three more until the drawing:))

  2. Hi Elizabeth – do you know me well enough for me to call you “Liz”?
    Have been following your blog since we met in Long Beach – Convergence and LOVE IT! I have no idea how you can attend all these meetings and guilds, have a family (with homework) and are such a prolific weaver. Oh and did I mention teach as well. You’re truly amazing – keep up the good work. With inspiration from you, I might actually try my hand at blogging! namaste, elserine

  3. Please call me Lisa, Elserine, I feel like I know you well . . . after all, I have a lovely piece of your weaving . I just added your site to my links list. I didn’t realize you had a site – what an enjoyable discovery! I think I will do a “Happy Valley II” to write about the richness my “virtual” weaving friends add to my weaving life!

    And Dianne, what is Cooey? I better learn the lingo, my daughter his heading to NZ for Christmas to meet her boyfriend’s family . . . so we might end up New Zealanders by marriage:))

  4. I’m living on the wrong coast!! (and I was going to take exception to your middle aged comments, before you corrected yourself! :))

    We were married in NZ 21 years ago!! You’ll love it there should things develop along those lines!

    Love fynct … Bookmarked it!

    Pouring rain here, great for FINALLY finishing that mohair blanket!


    • Hey Kim,
      You were my # 1 AND my # 35th commentor!!! You have activated the randomizer:)) I will announce the Winner of the Warp this evening.

      Please send some pics of your blanket – the weather couldn’t be more perfect for mohair here. I would also love to blog about your (inspirational) weaving program. Do you have any pictures?

      Finally, I am so excited about the added incentive of a potential son-in-law to get us to NZ – I have wanted to go for years just for the wool!

  5. Woohoo!! What were the chances I’d be first & last?!

    Pictures coming! (after washing, brushing…) and also of the class…

  6. Oops, I spelt it wrong – should be cooee. I’ve always taken it to mean near by.
    Oxford (British) dictionary says – used as long-distance signal especially by Australians. Kiwis must have adopted the word.
    You’re very welcome to stay here should you make it down this way!

  7. Thank you Dianne (for the lesson and the invite). And right back at you with the invitation (close to Vav Stuga and WEBS – America’s #1 Yarn Store). It is so much fun dreaming about weavers I know around the country and the world . . . what a great trip it would be . . .

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