I Got Stripes


I started to weave the stripe samples for the (possible) fabric to back the ddw pillows. I am not set on weft-striped fabric but I need to see some in action in order to decide.  I am somewhat dissatisfied with the colors of the cottolin which are just slightly dustier than the wool fronts. Matching the colors exactly is not really essential since the two sides won’t be seen at the same time, but there has to be some relation between the two sides (I think) whether it is a pattern nod or a color nod.

I really like this fabric though. If I don’t use it for the pillow backs, I might use it for some lined roman shade fabric in interesting awning stripe colors. The weft dominates only on one side, so it is great for cushion covers or anything that doesn’t need two sides to be seen.  It can be woven on 4 shafts in a straight draw threading. The tie-up is 1,2,4,3 with a straight draw treadling. I used 16/2 cotton as the warp, set at 24 epi. The weft is 22/2 cottolin.

On the contest front – There are 32 comments – hurray! – 6 are mine – doh!  Keep commenting – we are almost at the first drawing.

Finally, if you are not offended by “language” check out the hilarious and illuminating blog: fynct





  • November 25, 2012

    Lost you there for a while! The stripes are looking super great with the DDW. Love the teal/brown DDW at top of previous post.
    Congratulations on your apron project in Handwoven.

  • November 26, 2012

    Elisabeth Hill

    Hi Dianne,
    So glad you found me again! I have been peeking at your multitudinous fiber adventures and exhibitions. Congratulations on the exhibitions and congratulations on the your BEAUTIFUL work in them. Inspiring.

  • November 27, 2012


    Maybe bold twill diagonals to match the angularity of the front?

  • November 27, 2012

    Elisabeth Hill

    Thanks for the input Deb,
    The bold diagonals really appeal . . . hmmmm . . . food for thought . . .

    My problem at the moment is with “hand”. I like some of the simpler stripe sequences of the samples shown, but it is a very dense, canvas-y, weft-dominant fabric. The fronts are soft and stretchy, and there is something unpleasing about the contrast. I might interface the fronts to get a stiffer hand.

    I am going to try a sample back of the same wool/sett as the fronts – just woven in pw and see how I like it.

    As usual, quite a lot of sampling to do!