Quick project update –
I have finally taken scissors and needle to the cottolin yardage I wove awhile ago. I had a long vest/jacket pattern that looked pretty good, but I faced the same problem as always: fitting a general pattern to my particular/peculiar(?) body. The challenge is both placing darts, etc. on myself as well as very spotty tailoring knowledge. Anyway, it is well sewn (if not tailored) and it looks pretty good over brown leggings.

The second run of napkins came out pretty well, although I am determined to do one more warp of the 40/2 linen, wetting the weft bobbins as recommended by linen weaving gurus Ute Bargmann and Ellen Turner. But this warp will be made into a crinkly, scarf for my son. As seen in the following photo of the napkins after they were washed but before they were cut apart. PERFECT selvedges here I come.