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The last project (except tapestry – yikes!) for the Master Weaver Certificate is hanging to dry above. I really like it. It is bamboo deflected doubleweave tied onto the previous green/lilac warp. I improved the project by simplifying the treadling and by using two colors in the weft instead of the three in the other version. The selvedges are good even though I used the same dense denting at the selvedges. I attribute this to improved tension (got control of my warping sticks), added sticks intermittently to the cloth beam (preventing shifting as the fabric built up on the cloth beam) and only using two shuttles instead of three.

I also like the way the orange and red interact in the areas that came together after washing. The change in color really adds depth.

Another interesting development is that I have now shared my improvised 8-shaft “Dotty” draft with one wonderful weaver from Denmark, one incredible English weaver residing in France, a fantastic German weaver and today an amazing Italian designer/weaver! Wow – dottiness – spreading around the world.