I can’t remember how many blog entries are entitled “arghhh!” I feel like it’s every other one these days.

Sorry for the lapse in blog activity – I have been calming my whirling mind with spinning in the evenings instead of blogging – spinning a different kind of yarn. (sorry – couldn’t help myself.)

After the fourth try – I think I got my “overshot as-drawn-in” requirement done. I made a stab at overshot-on-opposites on the remaining warp using a wool pattern weft. I think it could have worked, but an uneven beat and some treadling mistakes that I can’t even fathom have put it in the “try, try, again” pile.

I have designed but not woven another “overshot-on-opposites, a twill-on-opposites and a summer and winter throw. I love to work on the designs, everything as it should be – no errors – no broken threads – pure potential.

On a last note – the DefDw Workshop pdf is available by clicking the photo on the previous entry. Sadly, it just takes a LONG time to download. I have clocked it at over 3 minutes on our relatively fast network.