Apricot and Candy Floss

As my “buttonhole recovery project” I wanted to use the yarn I dyed at Gail Callahan’s dyeing workshop. I spent many hours trying threadings and color combinations for a shawl in deflected double weave using the hand-dyed as the heavy yarn in a thick and thin combination. I had just acquired a cone (only one!!!) of fine wool at the guild auction. It is a somewhat unappealing apricot color that I intended to overdye, but it is perfect – colorwise – as the thin yarn. I didn’t sample (surprise surprise) so I am very curious about how much this thin wool will full/shrink. I have sett and woven it very loosely hoping that it will full and shrink quite a bit.

I also wanted to work out how to wind two separate warps (one thick one thin) and dress the loom threading from one warp then the other alternately. I used two sets of lease sticks and dressed the loom F2B – not my usual technique. It was a little fiddlely to sley the reed and then move both sets of leases behind the reed to thread but no real problems. I wanted to work this out because I want to wind warps to dye for collapse weave scarves, but I want the ridges to be different colors – so two separate warps. I hope to finish weaving tonight or tomorrow – then I will post photos of the success or failure . . .