Fear of Buttonholes

In my last entry I mentioned that I planned to use my fear of sampling to drive me to tackle my buttonhole fear. Well, the buttons are nicely pinned in place . . . But, I did use my procrastination productively and wove an experimental deflected double weave using two drastically different weight yarns – kid mohair and bamboo. I actually sampled and re-sleyed and wove at a looser sett and . . .well, back to the drawing board. But I did have a fantastic dye-day with master-dyer Gail Callahan at the new fiber arts studio space in downtown Greenfield called “Cherscapes”. We spent 7 hours working on dyeing different protein fibers and mixing colors – so much fun – so many colors – really kid in candy store fun. Tomorrow I must face my Bergman fear at school (so many fears so little time) and we have the Guild sale at which I will NOT buy any yarn.