The Scary Coat Saga Continues

I did it! I actually sampled. I think the fear of the prototype buttonholes drove me to overcome my sampling aversion. (note to self – optimize fear in future). The above photos are of the sample I wove for my future Scary Coat Project. I used Jagger Spun 2/8 Heather set at 20 epi and woven (mostly) at 20 ppi (perhaps I can use my fear of crackle to perfect my beat . . .) I was sampling for sett, beat, fabric hand, stability and color. The fabric is still drying, but so far I like the weight and drape. I need to come up with a better selvedge – right now it is threaded in basket weave – a little ruffle-y and not tight enough. Perhaps finer yarn at the selvedges? Once it dries I am going to cut it to see if it fulled enough to be stable for cutting out pattern pieces. I will probably need to do a second sample to work out the selvedge issue and finalize the color scheme. Maybe the aversion to doing a second sample will drive me back to the waiting buttonholes. This could really be useful . . .