Short on Material

Sorry – I haven’t been in the studio for several days, and I am short on material to photograph. I did finish weaving the woven shibori project at school, and I am really excited to dye it. I’m predictably leaning toward orange and fushia – fushia as the under dye – orange over it. However, I am open to suggestions and colors as varied as willowy green / lilac or dusky pale blue / melon have been floating through my mind.
I took part 1 of a 3-part tapestry class this week and have a new – ta-da – loom. Even though it is a simple frame loom made from plastic tubes, wing nuts and bolts I could see the worn-down astonishment in my husband’s eyes. Poor guy – Anyway my tapestry teacher is Micala Sidore, and she gave a slideshow of traditional and contemporary tapestries that featured the work of Archie Brennan. He has been weaving since the 60s and I really like his work. According to an article I read online he has worked with contemporary artists like David Hockney, Robert Motherwell, etc to create tapestries. I would love to see a book of his original work and the collaborative pieces he has done, but I can’t find any listed online. Does anyone have any more info?