Slow Cloth

I spent the day sewing the unsatisfactory “linsey woolsey (mohair-sey) into pillow covers. I had cushion covers for my dining room chairs in mind, but I didn’t like the fabric enough for that project so I decided to make pillow covers. I kind of like them in this less formal application.

I have been following a few links from WeaveTech on slow cloth an offshoot of the slow food movement/philosophy. Since hand-weaving is inevitably slow cloth I was intrigued to know more about the philosophy. It is very similar to the slow food movement in that the “slowness” is not really the point – it is more the consequence of shifting value from speed and quantity to quality, sustainability, and joy in the process. Sounds good to me. Somehow reading the links made me re-evaluate the linsey-mohair-sey fabric. It has a great hand but because of the irregular spinning and hand-dyeing the structure is obscured. I was inspired to unfold it from the “sigh” pile and sew the pillow covers using scraps of linen from a previous apron project for the backs. Now I really like them.