Thready Goodness

After the disappointing “linsey mohair-sey” results – I wanted something dramatic and fast to inspire me. I also wanted to use some lace-weight-mill-end alpaca I bought last fall. I found an article in Fabrics That Go Bump by Sandra Rude called “fulled merino scarves” she references a piece by Ann Sutton that is a large scale lace design set loose and fulled to stability. I have a copy of Ann Sutton’s book The Structure of Weaving with a photo of a piece I have long admired in the same structure but in mohair. Anyway, all very exciting. I used my alpaca and Sandra Rude’s draft altering the sett slightly for the slippery-er alpaca and had me some fun. The scarf is only about 220 ends sett at 20 epi – easy to thread draft – quick to weave and very gratifying. I think I’ll “tie-one on” tonight in black alpaca.