Once More With Feeling

I just tied on (once again) to Polly for a re-do. The client requested a small design change. So here goes.

In other exciting news I wound this warp using a paddle for the first time. Faster? No! Easier? No! More accurate? No! I want to hear paddle-user testimonials. I must confess I “wung” it. The theory is so lovely – slots and holes – some threads go up and some stay down to form the cross. I thought since my order is 4 threads of one color, change to four threads of the next color and repeat that it would be perfect for a paddle. 8 treads at a time, right? What I didn’t anticipate was that 8 threads of Zephyr would grab and catch each other and clog the paddle. So keeping equal tension on all the threads was very difficult. I began winding from 8 balls, but when the tangling got out of hand I wound bobbins, put them in 8 shuttles and arranged them in the order of the threads in the paddle. Should solve it right? No! It tangled until I went back to my usual (slow – not) 2 threads at a time. When I tied on and beamed I expected all manner of trouble since I was fighting the warp during the entire winding process. Miraculously, the warp was perfect. Because of that I am determined to try it with a smoother yarn one more time before selling my warping paddle.