No Tails at the Selvedges

Leah 2 is woven but still need to be washed and “fringed”. The warp is composed of 8 colors and the weft is just Azure and Eggplant with Navy as the shadow on the blocks. Because the navy is 2 picks placed intermittently, not carry-able but frequent enough to cause build-up at the selvedges I used the “no tails at the selvedges” method taught to me by Chris Hammel. (Leave a comment if you want instructions.) Tomorrow I will work on the fringes and put the study group warp on the loom for some intensive weaving – deadline Sunday.

  • February 27, 2019

    Ok, i’m Curious. What is the ‘no tails at the selvedges’ Method? I have recently been following steps Jane Stafford presents to wrap the pic around outside warp thread, in about an inch and down within the same shed as that pic. Is that close?

  • April 29, 2022


    Please….would love to know the “no tails at the selvedges” secret..can you share?