Flexi-Flax Table Linens

This pattern provides detailed instructions for a dazzling array of placemats and napkins woven in linen. The placemats are woven using use a heavier weight, and napkins a lighter weight, of Euroflax linen yarns. Both use the same threading, an 8-shaft deflected double weave, but the treadling variations can be mixed and matched for a coordinating set or an eclectic mix.
You will need an 8-shaft loom with 18” weaving width. For placemats, you will need a 12 or 15-dent reed, 3 shuttles and 4 bobbins. For napkins, you will need a 12-dent reed, 2 shuttles and 3 bobbins.
This pattern was designed with jack looms in mind, and uses a skeleton tie-up throughout. We give instructions for weaving many of the treadling variations using a standard tie-up. Please note that some treadling variations require a skeleton tie-up, while others can be woven almost as described.
This pattern contains two pdfs: one 14-page file for placemats, which includes 8 treadling variations and tips to weave towels on the same warp, and one 12-page file for napkins, which includes 5 treadling variations and great tips for creating your own napkin designs. Pattern is available on ETSY

  • March 2, 2023

    Barbara White

    Often, without realizing I visit a Pinterest image and again, it’s one of your beautiful creations. Unfortunately I am restricted to four harnesses.