I Never Met A Meta I Didn’t Like Towels

I have been enamored of weave structures that look like other weave structures for as long as I have been weaving. This pattern is part of my Metaweave series. The towels are woven in deflected double weave on 8 shafts using Gist Italian cotton linen. The fiber and the structure make these towels soft, absorbent and a pleasure to use. The pattern includes all the information you will need to weave these sweet towels in addition to tips, tricks, directions for hanging tabs and lots of pix. I hope you enjoy meeting this Metaweave.  Pattern Available on ETSY

  • March 7, 2021


    Thank you! You referenced a video in this pattern, are you referring to your original video with two colors or your new one with three? Did you have any issues with with the warp breaking? I noticed someone on the Gist site had issues. Thank you again.